Well, with the introduction of the new Ever After High dolls soon to be EVERYWHERE...

I've decided I should label my clothing lines to show a separate distinction between both.

For the Ever After High Dolls, I've been throwing around some names like Forever After, Ever After Couture, or maybe even Fairytale Finery.

For Monster High I'm pretty much decided on Clawsome Couture. I thought about playing off an existing clothing line, but so many ppl have done things like Forever Immortal or Graveberry Bloodon. I was throwing around some stuff like Old Graveyard(Old Navy), The Grave(The Gap), or Scara Fang(Vera Wang). They didnt truly appeal to me, and since I use Clawdeen in a lot of my shots I thought why not Clawsome Couture. I don't think its been used already. I'm going to come up with a logo soon for the corner of my pics in my shop. I'll probably edit my old pics to have the logo as well.