So when I became a pro member at Ipernity, I down loaded the uploadr. I hoped using the Uploadr, would decrease my uploading times, from epic to normal.

Well it didn't really.I wasn't impressed with the speed of it, it took just as long as the other to upload, but it was nice to drag and drop files.

I assumed, wrongly, that the uploadr was to blame.

Yesterday I peeled the hairy Norton 360 monkey, off my computers back,and kicked it to the ground, it was like removing a computer tumor, and being being pain-free.

I know you Mac users, are giggling a little,well alot and rolling your eyes, but for us ,PC users, power sucking programs like Norton, muck up the already weird works of Windows, and anything else you do with the computer.

I installed Kaspersky Anti Virus.It's like discovering a magic skill, you didn't realize you had.

Now when I use the uploadr it works quick, so quick that I was afraid there was something wrong with it the first time I used it after removing that program.

I realize what was wrong , and it went by the name of Norton.


addendum: I forgot to mention yesterday I couldn't upload files from camera to Photoshop.I still had Norton 360 on my machine, now that the festering boil has been removed, my Photoshop works just like it used to.