Of being talked over like I wasn't there, but I was there, I was in the dental chair.

My dentist isn't comfortable with silence, so he fills it, with endless patter. I learned about the 10 smartest dog breeds, he saw it on this morning show called "Good Morning, America", then I hear about the dogs he has owned, and his assistant chimed in, with the dog she had owned. Then the topic moved to cartoons, Family Guy, the Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy....then it moved to Disney cartoons...how mainstream they've become.... they have movies about families that have(now brace yourself) gay family members, and single mom families, and sometimes a family member even dies, which he thinks "is just a little too much"

I thought it was a little too much, as they removed my filling,that they continued to talk and talk. I thought it was a little too much that his assistant , thinks gay people only live in Boston  and Provincetown.And she was shocked to find they live in other places in the country.My head almost exploded, when he talked about his disappointment in Disney's politics, that they actually have a gay pride parade, their so liberal.

I wondered in the buzzing of tooth drilling , did he think because I was married, that made me heterosexual, that I only prescribed to that point of view!?! That I had no gay friends, or single Mom friends, who are that way because a family member, their husband had died. 

It also made me wonder, whatever happened to the dentist that hummed, said nothing and just did his job? It made me miss my old dentist, who was polite , and quiet, and smelled of peppermint.

And whatever happened to the saying "silence is golden."

And what kind of medical/dental school did he and his assistant go to that they thought it was okay to talk around, over , and through the patient?

And use sarcasm as a vehicle to break the tension, I also learned I'm good at grinding my teeth, for my dentist let me know, I'm very skilled at that, like I have control over it.

I need to make a mental note, never to go to the dentist after I work nights.

now, I need to take some acetaminophen, and get some sleep.