well, we are here, the weather is warm, muggy and wonderful, originally it was supposed to be cloudy and 50's to 60's (sorry kids I'm not good with Centigrade, so this is Fahrenheit.)

I have been in the houseboat before, never with a laptop, so we are having fun, finding the right spot to surf with our morning coffee and tea.some places on the boat, you can others, you can not.

the jet lag is gone we are well rested, and happy yesterday I had to deal with some quiet men on my end, my husband and son are the same, when they aren't feeling 100%, they are quiet.

today, alot of laughing, and a visit to Albert Cuypmarkt, the produce was fresh, i scored some cherries, ruchola(arugula), and some fresh roasted mixed nuts.,and some rechargeable batteries for our travel clock

being on the houseboat, the traffic on the canal, is just as much fun to watch.as when we walked through the markt.

later, from Amsterdam