Tomorrow my son graduates from high school. that has been my focus of the week, it's been nostalgic to watch him attend his senior banquet, just as my husband and i did many years ago, we also went to the same high school as he did, it's our Alma mater.

It's exciting to see end of the high school years, then everything is open for him to discover. In four days we depart for Amsterdam, I'm looking forward to exploring a part of Europe, with him.

It is bittersweet, to see your really cool funny child, develop into a really cool funny adult, who knew that we could play part in that and succeed.I would never take much credit for how Zack has turned out, I know most of that work was done by him and I was able to be the support he needed, to grow into the person he is, and to move forward in life.

I look at my son and I see some of me, my sarcasm, my humor, honesty, and a faring temper at times. I also see my husband's patience, and his humor, and his dogmatic ways of doing things, they are definitely two peas in a pod there.

He is stubborn and enlightened, he also loses his patience, but mostly is cool headed. We know how to calm each other, and keep his dad , on his toes. He is my movie going buddy, and we share a music as a passion, and art. He and his father have become experienced sailors, I enjoy going for the ride.

I'm not sure if I exactly have the right words to express, how proud and how much I fiercely love my son.

so i will merely state it , I am very proud of my son, and love him with all my heart.