so next month,I am planning to go to Amsterdam, with my husband and my son. We have been planning this trip for about a year, well wait we haven't been making lists, but i have left around some travel guides about Amsterdam. At first I thought I was the only one looking them over again, the cool thing is are staying in the same place,I stayed the last time. In a woonboot , it was so much fun the last time, and it certainly peaked their interest.

But that was two years ago, and so last year we made plans to go. This weekend about less than a month to go, and we hadn't discussed it much, mostly where we would park the car at the airport.

This weekend i was feeling nervous dread, that maybe I had convinced them to go, and they didn't really want to go,and I thought what have I done?

That was until we went out for Chinese food, as we sat at the restaurant, and I sipped on my Tsing Tao. My son, mentioned he wanted to go to the ship museum, as he and my husband do love to sail. Then he mentioned he wanted to see on the map, where we were, so he could see what was around us, my feelings of dread, turned to happiness, and anticipation of arriving there.

So stay tuned i feel some blog posts coming on.