this journey into small clips of video, is interesting. I imagined all of my videos would be me, a talking head, sharing funny everyday anecdotes of my life. I never thought I would add any effect, or even music to my videos. It surprises me, because honestly with my photos, all I really use from photoshop is to tweak the contrast, or the colors or the highlights, of what ever photo I had taken. I wasn't really doing much else than that. I wasn't adding any effects or layers. It's not that I was against that, but I never was really ever taking pictures of anything but everyday things.

Now with video, I'm playing around with video effects, and adding music. I have been using Windows Movie Maker, it's an okay basic program, I'm learning by doing, what I'm finding I like the most is adding a music track to my little videos, there is something about movement and music that are so complementary, and can convey so much.

Whether any of it is good, or bad, I am getting a huge amount of satisfaction out of doing it. I guess that's how it should be.