i never really imagined i would express myself in video, ever.

For some reason 3 days ago, when the freaky outrage at Flickr ,started to happen.All because videos were going to be able to be uploaded, I thought it a little crazy, and negative, and a waste of energy.

it's just a little video, people.

it wasn't until, I recieved my first invite to "just say, no video, flickr" group, that it made me curious to try it out. After all I have the setting on my digital camera, I can record movies with sound, so I went for it,I figured if I didn't like what I saw ,I could delete it. But I liked what I saw, and I posted it.

I'll have to say I'm finding it, awe inspiring to watch people', I kind of know, because of their photos become real to me, moving ,full of sound. It filled my heart, in a good way.

what i plan on exploring here is, video