Lock up your husbands and sons, ladies! If you already know her, at least keep a close eye on your man's (or kid's) phone and computer: Prowler alert!

This sad-sack with absolutely no morals is now on the prowl, looking for love, or at least something frilly and teenage-ish since she was dumped by my husband. While I have no idea if she prefers "Pink" or "Pinoy/Chinese/Asian Beige", my guess is that "Green" (for money) is her favorite color.

It appears to be a truly heart-breaking time for her, she has lost her pink "sugar daddy" fantasy man and she's suffering terribly, if you don't believe me, just read the sappy stuff on her page here. Advance warning: She could stalk you and your family too, long after it's over. True Love Never Dies, according to her. She will "NEVER. GIVE. UP" she says. (or at least "cuts and pastes").

So, please, friends, let's try to find her someone new:

Preferably someone who is not married,
Or at least someone who can cheat and lie and steal as well as she can.
A guy who will give her money. That's very important to her.
Someone who has as few morals as she does,
She's says she loves God and goes to Church, but openly flaunts that she has no qualms about rubbing her ass in the basic rules of being a good Catholic:
Adultery and unmarried sex seems to be an UNimportant.
But not using birth contol IS important.
Adultery/Slutty sex: Good
Birth Control: Bad

Maybe she can now find someone single or older, and without young kids (or a wife!) at home.

She is a horrible mother and Grandmother to her own FIVE kids, a mother who moves to another country/continent alone (and/or pregnant) and either left the rest of her kids alone or with someone else (not their Dad). She either let or encouraged her kids (to) call my husband "Dad". So sick. She is the mother and grandmother to illegitimate kids. But hey, it's OK, I guess Pinoy God doesn't care about that pesky marriage stuff, right?

She likes a guy who will say he's going to work extra hours, who then steals time away from work, and his own family, to go have nude computer sex with her at his desk or on business trips. She loves to masturbate and pleasure herself on camera as well. Very Classy! I just hope she at least waits until her young children are asleep in her crappy studio apartment, where they sleep on the floor next to her computer).

I really don't know of any potential idiot losers that I could (or would) recommend other than on-line wife or sex services, but if you do, please give her a call, I can give you her phone/text numbers or her email.

Here's a small sample of her limited interests and travel:
Horrible photography!
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Narcissistic Endless Selfies!
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Bored yet? Me too!