You believed in what, exactly?
You never even breathed the same air.
You never locked eyes across the room and felt that spark.
You never ever touched his skin,
You never kissed his ear or even whispered in it.
You were never alone.
There was always your silent witness watching you with 2 glass eyes and a microphone mouth that you pretended wasn't there, and pretended it had no ears.
You were always half a world away. He was never going to ride in on a white horse and scoop you up. Instead, He dumped you without a word.

Just pretend. Just a fantasy. Just another tawdry on-line cyber affair with a married man.

But it was an easy fantasy, because you were never there to do the little things, or share in life's little daily events: wash his smelly socks, buy his favorite shaving cream, you didn't get to actually taste the birthday cakes, watch him grill the meat, or have dinner with our parents, you weren't there to argue who's turn it was to pick up the dog poop, or take out the garbage. You weren't cleaning up vomit at 3 AM, or changing our kids diapers. You weren't playing dominos for hours with my parents or attending car shows or museums or walking with his. You weren't poking him in the back to roll over for his loud snoring.

While he may have had a secret life with your family and friends (that is SO messed up!) you didn't have one with us, and nobody here is dumb enough to call you "Mom". I can't believe you really allowed that (calling him "Dad") to happen with your kids. They knew he was married. How did you explain that to your family, your friends, students, and co-workers? They all knew he was married and not one person said, "This is so wrong" to you? My spouse was obviously not so proud of you, he shared you with no one in his real life. You were his "dirty ittle secret".

So, he bought you cheap flowers from the gas station, then threw them in the trash before he came home to me. Sometimes he left them for the maids. Maybe they were Filipino and reminded him of you. You never even got to taste the cheap chocolates be brought. Just one more trashy fantasy.

You never wondered who took those beautiful photos of him? You never saw the next photo in the sequence with our family(s).

There is not a single photo of my husband with the "Love of his Life". Why? You know why: They don't exist, because it wasn't real.

You were never under the same sun together, walking on the beach, You never had to discuss what to pick up at the store for dinner, or what should we pack to go on vacation.
You never felt or smelled the sheets I dried in the sun. You never went on sleigh rides together with the snow sparkling like diamonds as it fell off trees, or shared a summer camping trip under a million stars, high up in the mountains with a blanket over your laps and kids asleep on your laps. No, nothing like that. Half a world away.

Think of all the time you wasted, and for what? Just an empty dream in your head. I hope it was worth it, because you lost it all. He's still here, in our bed with kids, a dog, 2 cats and me.