I'm projecting, with Olandesina, a long travel trough Europe. It's not for tourism but with your help could become the same quite amusing. We need your advises and suggestions. We are still not sure to leave. Maybe, in the first days of May, we'll go by car from Asti (a town in the north Italy, near Torino) to Helsinky, Finland.

Something is already set and can't be changed: we'll go by car, an old diesel italian car. We'll probably take a ferry in Tallin (Estony), with the car (we don't want to take the ferry in Germany). I don't have passport, and it's too late for having one now, so we can travel only in EU countries or countries that accept italian ID cards. We're not interested in stopping or crossing big cities (like Praga or Berlin, p.e., althought we like them very much) otherwise we'd like to stop in intersting and people-friendly towns and villages.

We'd like to cross good places for taking photos and enjoy the panorama and the people but we can't pass through old and boondocks country roads with our little and unsafe italian car. We'd like to stay in comfortable but quite cheap hotels or pensions or whatever (we are poor), but they should have an internal garage because our car will be full of things that we can't loose. Or they should be in a very safe place (once in Praha, with the same car, someone stole everything that was inside).

It's not a round trip, it's a "one way" so we need suggestions only for asti-helsinky and not for the coming back.

We don't have any ideas about where we should pass and stop. If we won't leave your suggestions will be the same useful for the future next travels. Please help! Thank you!!!