Finally, I found the time to write a small code to generate a “photographer portfolio” using ipernity user stream and feeds

Ipernity FastSite: Easy to install and to personalize, simple xHTML structure, easy CSS and much more. Just take a look at it and you will discover the easy-to-use.

Screen shots – see the live demo on

How to install:
- Download the zip file and extract the files to your computer (in a folder).
- Open the file index.php with any text editor.
- Follow the code comments to make your personalization.
- Save the file and then upload all files to your webserver.
- Done

Don’t forget to check your web server to make sure that including remote files is enabled.
Ask your system adimistrator more info about it, or google "php url fopen"

What you can personalize:
- The list of albums to show, the title, and the order
- The list of blog posts (enable or disable)
- Last inserted photos (enable or disable)
- Text color, background color, page width, site title, site keywords and site descriptions

Bugs / Limits / To do:
- Does not show video, audio and text docs, it will be available in future
- Does not show more than 20 photos from an album (max. records provided from feeds by ipernity)
- Does not include private files, it will be available in future
- Does not show comments / number of favs. (I will not include it in the next releases)

- Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Italia License.

Version 0.1 Beta
- From Ipernity (Zip 14KB) here
- From (Zip 14KB) here