Since Israeli government declared Gaza as "hostile entity" on 19th
September 2007,Israel blocks delivery of essential medicines to Gaza
Strip and doesn't allow Palestinian patients to go outside of Gaza for
urgent treatment.

The United Nations, The World Health Organisation and Physicians for
Human Rights have condemned Israel for this situation, but Israeli
government is still continue to its policy and Palestinian patients
are slowly dying in front of the world.

All the victims of this humanitarian crisis are innocent civilians, and
many of them are children. For example in 14th November 2007, 6 months
old Palestinian baby Sina al-Hajj died because Israeli government
didn't allow her to cross Gaza border for geting treatment.
Palestinian MP Jamal Al Khudari said now there are more than a
thousand Palestinian patients in urgent need of treatment who are not
allowed to leave Gaza.

Please sign this petition to call the United Nations and the Israeli
government to allow the Palestinian patients having treatment outside
of Gaza: