Awake for almost 2 hours, sleeping disturbed by thoughts of what would I do when I wake up, getting back to my routine.
Feeling really well at home (I wonder how long is that going to last).

Spent 12 days in Bulgaria, 4 days on their wrecked roads full of holes capable to tear your wheel of.

I only would like to post here some links, just not to forget.

Belogradchik - our first stop
The town used to be up to 2x more populated, but as the industry (telephones making factory and some other related to fabrics) fell into despair, people started to move to greater cities.

Belogradchik Fortress + Belogradchik Rocks
I consider this the most beautiful and most interesting thing I saw in BG. For 3 days we were unable to get to it til end of the opening hours (18:00) [drinking, sleeping & eating was too much for a day;)] so one evening we just climbed a little over the fortified wall [you can await a photo of me nearly crying when climbing down]. Being there later, after opening hours was even better, because the sun still sets later and it just fits the fortress.

Magura cave
HUGE cave, tour is 2,5 km long, halls wide and long. 1 EUR entrance, no tourists, no guide. Now think of the money earned and then think of paying more to rent it.
more flickr photos

Bulgarian cuisine
Tarator | Shopska salad | Sirene | Tikvitchki
This is where my veganism ends.

Spending two days in Sofia was the hardest part of the trip. On one side Vitosha street with its luxurious shops, trendy restaurants and people driving expensive cars and on the other hand suburbs consisting of huge patchy blocks of flats. Then we thought of the little cities we passed through on our way with car (like Montana), where these blocks looked even more miserable and poor. In small towns the unemployment rate is very high and it's notable.
I know there are many big cities with both extremes, but here in Sofia the difference was huge.
We haven't found any place to sleep the first night in Sofia, so we used the possibility to stay at our friend's (Desi) cousin Ros who lives in flat in the suburb area of Sofia. Her boyfriend Svetoslav works as a photoreporter for some bigger Bulgarian newspaper. He showed us some of his photos and we talked a little about some aspects of analog photography, which he prefers.


Bulgaria trip (album)

If I had to decide once again, I would go. I knew pretty early that my experience with this country would be much different than that my mum had, as she went there month or two ago and for typical holidays by the sea.
I'm as well absolutely unsatisfied with the photos so far, I have one roll left for developing, so maybe it will save my feelings. [+ one film that is stucked in Flexaret due to broken focusing system:/] However, I have decided to have a break from film shooting and take my digital Canon to gain self-confidence. I feel I should move ahead, I should start to shoot with some aim, try to put something in.

Fuck, what am I talking about, I don't even understand the word "art".

And then I think I want only to put my life into pictures, to extract some feelings from it. Still, I'm not the photographer of the moment, I can't make street situations photos, I couldn't do any quicksnaps when we were on our holiday. So I'm somewhere in the middle, have to use my brain when shooting, but not that much to plan any composition.