During these holidays I have finally founs something that excites me and can keep me awake (except for computers and internet, agh, those obsessions). I know I do copy a lot the current trend of photos (lomography, contrast, sharpened, greenish and everything else). But anyway I think I found few of my own features by accident.

I hope I will get somehwere this week, maybe to the country, maybe som industrial exploration ;). And I hope I won't be shy to take pictures of people just because I think I can't do it and it's only bothering for them. Next week I'm taking my new dear Canon EOS 400D to High Tatras and then to Košice. I will have to make the best of the time I'm there cos it won't be so soon I get there again.

I would like to find someone to go with me here: gargamel8.webzdarma.cz/desolation/magnezit01.jpg gargamel8.webzdarma.cz/desolation/magnezit02.jpg. I've been there before, but not inside.

I like this whole project (ipernity) a lot, but I still wonder who does it belong to. The layout and design is nearly the same as flickr's, but I didn't find any connection between yahoo and this french company. Does anyone know anything about the background of the company?

PS: if you enjoy photos of trashed, half-ruined industrial buildings checkout asebest's photos: www.flickr.com/photos/asebest/, I go mad when I see them (note - ALL of them are scans, he doesn't own  a digital camera).