I am also a refugee from Flickr. I had been on Flickr for a little while before I just bought into the Pro account for a year...then they come along and make all their new changes, which in my opinion has me feeling a little boggled. While it is nice looking at all the nice crisp new pictures from all my contacts it is very overwhelming and hard on the eyes to really sit back and take each picture in as they are all just blaring you in the face. So I ventured over here to ipernity and decided to set up a new account and try it out for a while. I am still trying to get the feel of the land, but it has a more calm and inviting atmosphere and I am finding that some of my flickr contacts are appearing slowly here as well, and I am finding new contacts to add to my list. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of your picture world. I do not make anything, I usually am a buyer of dolly items..so hopefully I will find out who all you dolly sellers are.