Hi everyone,

This is for those of you who like my doll story, The Life and Tales of Elliot Crane. I'm falling behind my storytelling schedule again, and I feel extremely sad about it. I knew it was going to happen at some point, but I didn't expect it to happen after just two episodes of the new season. After all, I had written the first eight episodes before even starting to 'film' the first two episodes. I decided to add episodes in the middle, and it messed up my schedule. I have only just now finished the writing part of episode 3, which is one of those additional episodes, and number 4 will be another one. I have just started writing it, so it will still take me many days before I get to finish it. And these two episodes will be shot in the same dioramas, so I'm going to have to finish the writing part of episode 4 before starting to shoot them. I automatically fall behind my schedule when I add episodes in between the story, but these two episodes just happen to include something that I can't show later in the story: the photo shoot of Anissa's next jewelry line, the introduction of a new character, plus hints to upcoming happenings in the story, so these episodes are too important to leave out or push into a later date.

There's also something in the fourth episode that I need some help from you for, so I can complete some scenes. I have tiny cards for my dolls, and two of them are going to play a game of poker called Texas Hold'em. The trouble is that I know practically nothing about poker rules. I've been trying to read this page:


But it's difficult for me to understand the rules without seeing the cards on the table. I would need to know what to make my characters say and how many cards to have on the table and in what round of the game. Let's say they've been through the flop, moving into the third betting round, the turn. How many cards should they hold in their hands and how many should be on the table, and where on the table? Which side up for the cards on the table? How many chips should there be, and placed where? And what are the possible lines for the characters to say when they move from the third round into the showdown? I know the ranking order of hands, so I can handle the showdown. I just need to know how to get my characters up to that final level. Let's assume that the stakes have been set before the game, and they are something else than money, so there's no need to put actual money on the pot during the game. The two players have both made a certain promise that they will have to keep if they lose. Does this make any sense?

If there's a video on YouTube that shows some regular 'poker speech' (like a scene from a movie), please point me to the right direction, or advice me any way if you know how to play Texas Hold'em or another poker game.

I need to figure this game out before I can finish writing the fourth episode and even dream of building the dioramas and shooting the next two episodes, so I really have no idea how long that's going to take. I also need to finish the prototypes for Anissa's jewelry line before I can set up Sybil's studio.

Please help me on this. Hopefully after I'm done with these two episode, I will get back to my normal, weekly episode publishing schedule again.

Hugs all around,