I said in my previous article that Elliot will only be having his adventuries on Dolly Daily now, but I changed my mind and transfered the whole story here during these past two days! :-) Please note that you won't be seeing those transfered photos among your newest contacts' photos, because they came with the original dates when they were taken.

So, season three will start here as well next month! As you can see, Elliot has been a bit sad to pack his bags and leave Flickr, but what can you do?

Hopefully we'll see collections here someday, because until that I will have to keep my other but story albums to a minimum to avoid confusion and letting the story get lost in the middle of all that other stuff.

I hope you will enjoy the story once it starts. I've got so many plans for it, and I've also co-written a couple of episodes with Petra and Connie. Keep an eye out for the interviews! ;-)