So, it's time for me to write my first article here. I really like this feature. It makes me feel like a professional writer. I think ipernity has a chance at growing into a new, better community for us Flickr refugees. I really wish Flickr had taken its paying customers into account when planning those changes. The mass exodus from Flickr to ipernity over the last couple of days has been interesting to watch.

Flickr has been my favorite website, so it makes me especially sad to say that I can't even look at it anymore without hurting my eyes. I can't find anything there, and at the same time I have it all in my face. I just can't stand it. I've decided to transfer some of my favorite photos over here, where I feel they look cleaner and fresher against the simple white background. Everything looks better here. And then there are the cool, different features, like this possibility to write articles - even for a non-paying newbie as myself. I love the banner space and the guestbook, too. They give the page the feel of a real website for absolutely free.

However, I will be greatly missing some Flickr features, like the stats and collections that ipernity doesn't yet have. Still, I learned yesterday that the staff here actually listens to what we have to say, and that stats will be available in the future if a lot of people request it. Go tell them! I would also like to have the description text under photos black and not the gray it is now. Gray text is just harder to read. That is the main reason why I don't think this place is a good platform for my doll story, The Life and Tales of Elliot Crane. It would be rather simple to transfer the whole story here if we ever get collections and black lettering. If that happens, I will be glad to move Elliot here as well.

But for now, his home will be on the Dolly Daily forum. I will be keeping my Flickr pro account and everything it contains, but I won't be posting the new, third season of the story there anymore. I will only be using it to host my photos, and the upcoming season - starting next month - will only be at Dolly Daily. I'm not sure if all my readers have seen it, but I have a thread dedicated to Elliot:

The thread is missing episodes from the second season, but I'm currently updating it - and that will take many, many days.

You have to be a registered member on the forum to view it. It's a great doll collector community, so I strongly recommend it - not just for Elliot's sake. I hope that everyone who likes the story will find their way over there. The story has been there before, and it always will be there, if not anywhere else. I'm really hoping that I will have a chance to post it here in my new home, too. I will have to see what exciting new features ipernity comes up with to learn if it is doable.

In the meantime, please sign this petition: (It requires your surname, first name, email address and place.) We need 10 000 signatures in total.

With love,