Thanks to those of you (contacts and casual viewers) who have commented on my photos: those in Project365, 100x:2014 and many other groups.

I apologize for not keeping up with contacts and groups recently. Quite frankly, I’m Ipernity exhausted.

I take at least 100 photos a day (not terribly confident of how they’ll turn out), then sort through and begin to process some that may be worthy of posting. As I’m not a Photoshop guru the processing takes a lot of time.

Add some text that may be useful to someone, organize them in Ipernity by album and add to groups – some of which have limits that I’ve “exceeded” and am supposed to remember to return to for adding.

All this leaves me little time to comment on the many fabulous photos I see on Ipernity, or to respond to questions or detailed comments left by others…not to mention gardening or cleaning the house!

Although my Panasonic bridge camera will accompany me while I’m away through June, there won’t be unlimited access to processing software or computers, so the Project365 will probably have a hiatus.

However, I will have more time to comment on all your wonderful additions to Ipernity…a fine trade-off.

Thanks for bearing with me.