Well, almost all. Seems three or four of my nearly 4000 photos didn't transfer over to ipernity, but I can't figure out which they are. I'm currently bringing sets from F***r with ipernity's album importer, so maybe the AWOL photos will turn up in as I do that. (The album importer works like a charm -- I'm really impressed.) But I think I'll not be overly OCD about tracking down the errant photos.

I continue to be impressed with the whole ipernity experience. I'm still finding my way around, and working out how to best use the search function, but all is good here. Now that the F***r admins have banned me (and hundered of others, it seems) from participating in the Help Forum there, I'm spending less time at the old place and more time here. I do still go back to check on my recent activity and new photos from my contacts.

I've quit a whole slew of F***r groups, and pulled my photos from those pools, but I'll be staying in a small, select number of groups there. I'm trying to turn my attention to being an active participant in some groups here on ipernity, and have found some nice ones. It's great to see how well Guess Where London (GWL-i) is doing -- we've got some of the old lags from GWL-f here and have met some new ipernity friends. I love how everyone is quickly getting into the GWL mode of cryptic clues and puns (often bad puns, but that's what makes them good).

Once I get my albums all sorted, I might even start a group or two. I'm thinking about doing London Reflections here. Let me know what you think, and if you'd be interested.