There's reallly nothing unique about my story: I'm appalled by the new Flickr UI, disgusted with the responses (or non-responses) from "community manager" Thea Lamkin, and sad to see the Flickr community that I valued for the past seven years disappear before my eyes.

So here I am, or here half of me is. My 3958 photos on Flickr constitute 44 chunks of 90 photos each. I'm importing in reverse order (newest photos first) and have just reached the half way point with chunk #22. I'm not sure if it's a good plan or not, but I've been doing the chunks slowly, trying to make the obvious albums/sets out of each chunk or two as I go. Some people have imported all their photos, then worked on the albums, but I think I'd get overwhelmed by that approach and it might take months before any albums materialized.

So far, I'm liking it here. I've found a dozen or so old Flickr mates, joined a few groups, and made some new friends. It's quieter here, for sure, but I'm enjoying the calm and the lack of vitriol and snark. And I really like the white space!

I'm still drawn back to Flickr -- to see the latest photos from my mates who are still there, to check on a couple of groups, and -- like watching a train wreck -- to read the feedback on the help forum. I've had a recent run-in with Thea, in which she left me a very snarky reply, but I haven't been banned over there yet. When I finish all my imports to ipernity, I may make all my Flickr photos viewable by friends and family only (except for my Guess Where London photos). In the meantime, I have one foot in each place, but I'm moving towards the light.