Hello, My screen name is Miss Busty, I'm a single female who likes to model uniforms, shirts, blouses...anything really, I'm quite busty (hence the name) 34FF - My friend takes the pictures and i upload them with his help, were friends and besides you & i... know body else knows about this page on the web, i savour my privacy so you will not see my face or see any nude pictures, just very suggestive ones :)

My friend (who shall remain nameless) has been taking pictures with myself as a model for a few years, it's not a commercial venture, just fun really which started about 2005, i will upload most of the images from then (or some at least) and maybe a video or two.

The pictures do get better as time and camera's allow :)

I have uploaded two videos and some pictures today as my first post, many more to follow...

Please say Hi... and i hope you like my little private, but sexy space on the web.