Tomorrow, January 29, 2008 Niki Matita (zr / minimatika) receives the honour of playing the Sonic War Game at club transmediale in Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin as match partner of Jason Forrest (cockrockdisco). We are very excited and proud of this invitation. In a quadrophonic arena the battle for audibility is raging. While the referee keeps an ear out, musical gladiators engage in combat with an arsenal of electronic weaponry. Sonic Espionage, in-Filtration, Atonal Behaviour and Hostile Overdubs, it’s an ear for an ear… Sonic Wargame, created by Dutch sound artist Xavier van Wersch, is a musical game for four players, or four teams of players and a referee. The players are positioned on platforms in the corners of the space. Each player has a game console and a loudspeaker, while the audience can move freely around within the set-up. Sonic Wargame is a hybrid between a living installation and an interactive performance. read more here: Sonic War Game is part of the programme of Club Transmediale on Tuesday which shows like this: // Handclaps It’s Gonna Rain – A Short View on Generative Music in Motion Pictures: The Peckers > directed by Ron Tran, [CA] 2004, 12 min. Elephant Keyborad > directed by Don Ritter, [CA] 2001, 15 min. IBM 7090 > directed by Ian Mitchell, [UK] 2006, 6:30 min. Kick That Habit > directed by Peter Liechti, [CH] 1989, 45 min. TUE 29.01. 20:00 MAO Lounge // Legoloop Presentation of the musiacl interface Legoloop by Marc Widmer [CH]. Afterwards the instrument can be tried out by the public. TUE 29.01. 21:30 MAO Lounge // The Land Unknown Tron Lennon [UK] / Thomas Ankersmit [NL] / Robert Piotrowicz [PL] / Pure [AT] TUE 29.01. 22:30 MAO Main Hall // Sonic Wargame Musical game by Xavier van Wersch [NL], guests & participants TUE 29.01. 21:30 MAO 2nd Stage