Tonight is the big night! Come to our NO STRESS NYE Party! We swear this will actually be a fun party!!

Happy Birthday, Sylvester!
West Germany, Skalitzerstr. 133, Berlin, Germany near Kotbusser Tor U-bahn
5 euros!!!

Who's playing and when(ish)
11:00 -- Lil' Jean
12:00 -- Donna S./Marius R. Tag-team
02:00 -- Jackson (DJ!)
03:00 -- Patric C. (DJ!)
04:00 -- Sly1
05:00 -- DS/MR/Sly1

We know a lot of people have plans for midnight, and that's great, but please bring your party to join us afterward!  We'll be at it from 23hr until the next morning and you know we like to party ecstatically, so what could be better??

Please tell your friends!
More People = More Party!!!!