Ipernity causes Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis

Key warning signs of HCE:
  • you have recently moved to ipernity from another (unamed) site;
  • you have (re)discovered the joy of having (white-)space within which to relax, saunter about, and just generally appreciate things;
  • you've realised that your keyboard doesn't have anywhere near enough characters for talking to people on ipernity (for us brits and yanks, at least);
  • you smile a lot more, though this may just be a medication issue;
  • your levels of inspiration have risen dramatically.

This certainly describes my experience since moving to the lovely land of ipernity and I'm concerned. Very concerned. As much as I enjoy the feeling of my synapses spreading their little tentacles to strange, dark, and no doubt dusty, corners of my brain, I can't help feeling a certain fear. Fear that I really might find my head exploding from all these new ideas and inspirational inputs.

My only consolation is that I won't have to clean up the mess!

So, on the occasion of my umptieth birthday, I wish you all the very best and may your heads explode also!