Today promised to be hot and sticky again and indeed it was.
With this thought in mind I decided to get an early start and weeded the rose patch out the front which was in dire need of a tidy up. That took me nearly an hour it has grown so much in the last 3 weeks.
I took snaps of the miniature roses.
The first is of the white patch almost hidden by the grass

The second is a single white

and the third 3 lovely reds.

After the rubbish from there was cleared I strimmed and mowed the front and already it was getting very warm and muggy,time for a long break and some brekkie.

A smoked bacon,onion and cheese omelet hit the spot along with two coffees. I had a delivery, my new slow cooker,the one I have is not large enough for two. It isn't slow cooker weather at the moment but at £12:95 down from £29:99 it was too good a bargain to miss and with Andrew James name on it I know it's good gear.

Back to it,I mowed the back grass and strimmed the bits I didn't get to yesterday. Then I took my chair out and sat bird watching for a while. The sun was really hot by then and there was no breeze.

12:45 Time for a snack,a couple of Melton Mowbray pork pies and pickled onions followed by a bowl of vanilla ice cream which I ate in the garden.The sun was blazing by now and a check on the gauge showed 29C,that is very hot for here.I sat and read for a while before deciding that hot or not there was one more task to do.I brought my portable workbench out along with my very sharp hand saw and cut 4 of the internal struts from the old shed it to 4 parts, just the right size for the wheelie bin. Work was finally over,my skin leaked and I guess I didn't smell too good. So I downed tools tidied up and called it a day.
2:20 I stepped into a lovely cool shower,sheer bliss.
So all my jobs were done I smelled nice again with nice crisp clean clothes,time for a well earned beer and another sit in the sun. So ended my working day,now it's playtime.