I decided today was the day to catch up on the back garden.The weather was perfect, warm going on hot with a Zephyr wafting gently across my face.That's the wind not the car by the way.
The strimmer was my weapon of choice,beside the normal strim I aimed to cut back the disastrous experiment that was leaving the old wild flower patch to it's own devices. Apart from a few early blooms and the always dependable Sweet William this is the only colour on show.The love in the mist is flourishing,the 2nd and 3rd plants are waist high

I manage to get finished before somebody turned the heat up and soon it was 83F in my garden,that is a tad over 28 in new money. I abandoned a couple of other jobs and retired to my garden chair with a cold beer and I think I might go and have another.Catch you later