With time flying by I decided to have a stroll to find some trinkets to take home.There was also some Armada cannons I was keen to see.
I did a little shopping and wandered down to the park where the cannons are sited and took a couple of snaps.
I strolled along the quayside and spotted a little pub down a ginnel which was worth a second look. It was just on opening time and there was only one man and the landlord's dog in the bar.
The outer wall is made of stone and is left unclad which gives the place a nice feel. I took a few snaps which intrigued the dog ( her name is Elsa ) and she came and sat beside me.I picked my camera up to take a snap but not before Elsa had plonked a big lick on my face.

Later Jenny and me went to the quayside and took a few snaps,a good day all round as was every day I spent there