It has been another lovely day here and with no shopping bar pipe fodder to get I decided on a good stroll.
Firstly I went to the railway station to pick my pre booked tickets up for Wednesday before heading through town to Morrison's for my tobacco.
By this time I was getting into the swing of things and as the next bus was 55 minutes away took a stroll to a local newsagents and bought a bottle of Fanta. I wandered past the flower boxes and not having my camera I tried the phone camera out. As you can see it is a very poor quality but you get the idea,pity I couldn't send the aroma.

I wandered down to the bus station at the north of town and found a bench to have a slurp. I was very peaceful there and the stand I was at doesn't have any buses on Sunday so it was peaceful with the birds singing and only the faint hum of traffic passing on the main drag.

I sat there awhile then headed back through the Little Haven and home,a lovely stroll and I clocked 4.78 miles on the ped
A very nice way to spend Sunday morning