It is another lovely day here with a cool north westerly breeze. This meant taking my chair across to the other side of the garden where the bushes in John's border sheltered me from the breeze I relaxed there but not until I mowed and strimmed the front garden and strimmed the back

I noticed these little fellas in the border,there are about a dozen scattered up and down.

Looking across the garden the fruit bushes look in fine fettle and should give me a good harvest to barter with later on. The patch this side of the path was last years cat toilet so this year I scratched the ground at random and threw some seeds in.There were wild lawn flower,corn meadow and an assortment of seeds from last year so it's hit and miss really.

The Sweet William battles on bravely the only thing left from the original patch which bloomed so wonderfully before the storms and cats wiped it out. I see some grasses coming up I haven't had before so there is a glimmer of hope for colour in a month or so.

At the top of the garden the Buddleia is thriving as is the blackcurrant bush over the other side and the rhubarb beside it.

The large bin behind it was a wheelie bin I turned into a water butt with a tap and a drainpipe adapter,Total price £5 and as much rain and bathroom waste water as I need for the thirsty fruit bushes and Buddleia.