After a restful day yesterday today I was back in action. When I put the dryer in the spare room I looked round in horror it really was a mess so today was the day for sorting it out. I wanted to be able to reach to boxes on the back wall at least.

I emptied everything from the sides and front apart from a table and Christmas tree behind the door.Some went in my room the rest along the landing and into the bathroom. I manged to get this done in peace because the felines were off on a mission.
When it came to starting to put things back in a better order the cats had returned and boy did they have fun helping me.That's if you can call running around jumping over boxes and trying to get into boxes helping.
Eventually I managed to get some sort of order into things and left them to their games. I sat in the garden with a coffee enjoying a little sunshine and smoking a pipe.

After a while I got bored so I gave the grass a trim.
I decided I had done enough for the day so didn't strim,maybe I'll cut the front grass tomorrow and strim front and back.
Time to sort dinner,back later