I was downstairs at 7 today and after a coffee I started on my new project. I was determined to get my workshop back.

So the small drier went up into the spare room, the large one into the kitchen. That
way my workbench could stand on fully extended legs with plenty of room to work.There is a 2ft gap between the freezer and the shelf unit I cobbled together so plenty of room to reach everything.
It is still scruffy but it is my workshop again.

So what about the large drier? Well this unit was in the kitchen with my pans,slow cooker,toaster and sandwich maker on it. It now houses a few Cd and DVD discs as you can see but needs tidying up yet.

The drier went where that came from with a little batten I painted and fixed to the wall for my 3 most often used pans.( with room for another ) above it.

The large pans,woks and frying pan went into a large cupboard that was only housing cat food which I found room for in the next cupboard along.
The slow cooker,toaster and sandwich maker I put where where my overflow of beer stock normally goes along with brandy,orange juice etc which were easily rehoused.

I started at 7:15 and after two coffee breaks and one lunch break all was done and the floor vacuumed by 1:19 not bad going. Now I need a rest and another coffee.