After yesterday's mowing and strimming I was left with just one job to do in the garden today but what a job. It has been a real shorts and sandals day here but I had to don a pair of old blue jeans and gardening boots. Last back end the weather was so foul I didn't get to root out some brambles I'd found and left it until spring. By then I had completely forgotten about it and with the fruit bushes growing rapidly it was soon hidden. Now the brambles have gone crazy and show through the other bushes so action was needed. I couldn't get to the roots of course and had to trace back to as near as possible before snipping them off. The brambles fought back of course and left their mark on me. I soldiered on and did as much as I could before collapsing into my garden chair with two bottles of beer and by they tasted good.
So that's work over for the day, a shower and change of clothes is the next job then I will catch up on here.