Today was odd job day.Yesterday afternoon I mowed the rear grass with the sun beating down, it was pleasant. Today has been cloudy but I set about the front garden and mowed and strimmed out there.After a brew and a chew I strimmed the back and that was me done until it was time for prepping dinner an easy to make slow cooked sausage casserole which went down very well this evening.
My job this evening was to solve a design flaw in my otherwise very good foot rest. If lift it up to move it aside the clips pop out of the slots and I have to place them back in.

I looked for a solution and found some cutting blades from a type of mower I no longer have.

With the ends cut off and a small hole drilled in them they looked the part. I drilled a couple of pilot holes in the brace and screwed them in,not too tightly because they need to move.

I have it on the setting I use most and if successful I will do the others. Early trials look good