After Margaret died I built on the basic skills she taught me and became more ambitious.There were a few cooking sauces I liked but didn't like all the E numbers and additives so I decided to make my own. To do this I read the labels noting the proper ingredients from the extra sugar and salt disguised with other names.
Soon I needed a small rack so knocked this one up.

As I got more experimental that filled up of course and when I found this roundabout at a good price and bought it.

Of late that has overflowed so I dug the small rack out again as second storage and it also soon overflowed.

So when I found a good deal on this rack I bought it ,does that sound familiar? Well when this overflows which it surely will I have the other two under the work top and for the time being with my grille plate moved under the rack I have a larger work space to play with.

Time to start prepping dinner (A sausage and bacon casserole cooked very slowly)
Catch you soon.