After yesterdays morning sun today I awoke to the steady beat of rain on my window and I groaned,checked the time 6:45 I swung my legs over the side of the bed and did my gentle stretching exercises expecting the cats to appear at any moment.In fact I had showered dressed and come downstairs before I spotted them,both flat out asleep.They spent most of the morning like that so all was peaceful.
Around 2:30 the clouds cleared and in 10 minutes or so the sun was beating down.That
was more like it,I decided on some reading in the garden so gathered pipe,lighter and pipe fodder,tucked my Kindle under my arm and headed outside. The cats had wandered off on an adventure by this time and I had a lamb hotpot slowly simmering away for dinner,life was good. Apart from one interruption from two nutty cats playing chase all round the garden and in and out of the house all was quiet. I sat out until 4 when hunger struck so I plated my dinner leaving Ellen's in the casserole and headed back out to eat . I put my coffee mug beside it on the table and dug in. Just then a black flash jumped on the table and scooted off the other side, a grey and white flash followed knocking my coffee into to my dinner. Nice one Zazzles thanks a lot.How the hell do you separate hot pot and coffee? The answer is it is impossible so I just ploughed through it as it was,a novel experience.

I was still in the garden around 5:30 when Ellen came home so she sat and chatted for a while then wandered in to heat her dinner up.She washed my lunch and dinner dishes while she waited which was nice. I stayed out until around 7 when it became a little overcast. It is very unusual for me to sit so long doing little and I really enjoyed it apart from the coffee episode.