After yesterday's rain today dawned lovely and sunny. My walk over town on my Sunday shopping trip was a joy. As I walked through the Little Haven a waft of wonderful scents from the bushes gave my nostrils a good work out.The birds sang their happy songs,rabbits scurried around busy going nowhere and the folks I passed all greeted me on “Good Morning lovely day for it” and the like.

I took three photos of which this one of the bush with copper coloured leaves and red stems really caught my eye,but the whole stroll through was a delight.

I was in such a good mood I brought Gingsters steak bakes home for lunch much to the delight of Ellen and Colin and I must admit they are tasty.

After lunch Ellen and Colin decided to go for a stroll on the beach and set off with a spring in their step.Twenty minutes later the sky darkened and as I know the weather patterns here well and where the would likely have reached on their stroll I knew they were in for a soaking.Sure enough within 5 minutes the trapdoor in the sky opened and deposited a lot of water on them.They arrived home looking like proverbial drowned rats and had to get changed,OH how I laughed. 10 minutes later the sun appeared again which brought a fit of schoolgirl like giggling from me,what a good day I was having

Ellen cooked a nice roast dinner which is the norm when Colin visits,she is allowed access to my kitchen on the understanding everything is cleaned afterwards. I do a military style inspection to check.
Later she lowered both Colin's and my ears so we are tidy little creatures again instead of resembling scarecrows.
Now all is peaceful they are off upstairs catching up on the rubbish TV programmes they like only reappearing to make a brew now and again,which I don't mind as they leave me in peace and make my brews as well. All in all it's been a good day and this evening it is warm enough to sit a while in the garden,catch you soon.