Yesterday I rang the physiotherapist to get advice on which sort of footrest would suit me best. Since the footstool I was using fell apart I haven't been able to get as comfy sitting down. He checked my notes and saw I was due for my 6 monthly check up in a weeks time so brought it forward to a slot he had free this morning.
So I wandered off for some pummelling and hopefully advice. He was very pleased with the present
state of my back especially when I told him of the work I have been doing the last few days. So after giving me a nice soothing massage we moved on to the subject of footrests to suit my needs. He showed me exactly what I needed. This contraption is fully adjustable. A footrest that raises the knees slightly above the hips which takes any strain off them,a flat platform which eases the poor circulation which I suffer from and an angled setting a little like a lectern which eases pressure on the lumbar region. I tried all three positions and it is really comfy. He told me they are not cheap at around £45 but the ongoing benefits would be very good.
Armed with this information I decided to try the online suppliers of medical aids and after trawling through a few I found exactly what I was looking for at £19:99 plus £2:70 p&p So after my little trail on the one at the clinic I splashed out on bought one.

The rather blurred photo below may look like just a piece of grass to you but this one is different. Zazzles dragged it in this morning which is not unusual but instead of putting it with his hoard of treasures he dropped it at my feet,waited for me to pet him and say thank you before clambering onto his cushion for a cat nap.

Time for a coffee catch you soon