After yesterday's jobs went well with no back trouble today I carried on. This morning I mowed and strimmed the front garden. These poppies have sprung up in the rose bed and added a cheerful bit of colour to the morning.

After a coffee and a cheese and onion bap I strimmed the side of the back where the fruit bushes are and the edges of the grass on the other side and now that too is starting to look better,the fruit bushes look healthy I think it will be a good year for fruit.

With the tools cleaned and stored I removed 3 buckets containing small garden tools,window cleaning gear and a spare one from the tool room to wide shelf in the tool store . The only one left in the work room now contains the wild bird food so I have a little more room.
Time for lunch I had a steak bake which filled a corner. I was bird watching as I ate and a Wood pigeon paid a visit. They always look slightly surprised and that makes me smile.

Lunch over I and the rain started so 2 good days work done just in time. I decided to modify the trolley I made for the drier. The drier bottom is sheet tin metal and prone to movement and this coupled with the plywood bad I knocked up was not to steady job. Some batons cut to size as braces sorted that out and as it's no longer screwed to the drier I can use it to shift anything else I need moving.
All in all a good days work and as my back is standing the pace well I was a happy bunny as I set about making dinner. I grilled gammon slices on my new hot plate and served them with Jersey potatoes and baby carrots,clean plates again at the end of the meal just how I like it