After a quiet day yesterday I decided today was the day to tackle the tool store.
This is a small space that used to be the coal house.
The first job was to empty it and discard any junk. There was a stack of paint,some which may come in I kept the rest I chucked. The floor was so cluttered I could hardly get in. After I emptied it and took up the carpet tiles covering the floor and gave them a bit of a clean up. There was a Flymo box under the wide shelf which I have put up in the spare room. It will come in handy when Ellen finally moves.

After clearing and cleaning out with the help of my faithful co-worker Sooty I rearranged where things go,the hand tools fit nicely under the wide shelf,the remaining paint in the corner on the shelf and the long handled tools hung on the wall. With the plank stacked neatly against the far wall I had plenty of room for the Flymo,steps,whirly and brush and shovel and I can walk in again. I closed the door then opened it again to let Sooty out who realising work was done toddled off to feed himself

With more space in the work room I rearranged a little and now have easy access to the freezer and everything else, a wooden work surface which the ash tray you can see is sitting on. At the other end of the room I have space to unfold my work bench for small jobs or just carry it through the door on the left into the little alcove for larger ones. This isn't ideal of course but it will do for now until I get rid of the big drier.

Work over and fed Sooty decided it was play time and was away through the flap. After a wash I removed my work apron,donned my cooking one and made sausage baps with lashing of onions,mustard and ketchup and that hit the spot. Catch you soon folks have fun