Another fine morning and fully rested from yesterday I set off in good fettle for my Sunday trip into town. Cutting through the Little Haven I noticed there was a lot more colour about and that was all there was to see on a very ordinary trip. That was until I finished shopping and went to catch the bus and flash the pass for my trip home. I noticed a couple of pipers and a drummer,some service veterans,members of the three cadet groups and a lot of folk some wearing danglers from the necks coming out of the town hall. Then I spotted 3 bikers from the legion (Armed forces organisation) I was about to ask them when the mayor appeared in her regalia complete with mace bearer. Next a hand bell tolled and the town crier began oyezing and shouting very loudly. What he said was intelligible. He stopped,the pipers and drummer started to play and everybody fell in behind them and marched off with the mayor and bikers bringing up the rear. Nobody around me had the slightest idea what was going on and further detective work on my part was brought to a halt by the arrival of my bus,so I returned home none the wiser. The local rag will no doubt have a report in the next couple of days. Time for lunch

Here Lie the photos