A sunny day so a trip to mother's was on the cards. Wanting to walk as far as I could I decided on flashing the pass which got me to about 1 mile from her house strolling the rest of the way and walking home. I met my sister Pat and her husband Joe just leaving mother's so stopped to chat to them for a while. I enquired about the upcoming family holiday to the USA and was in formed it had been delayed because her daughter Kerry's dog had eaten Kerry's passport. This meant an application for a new one enclosing the remains of the old one was needed. I know you shouldn't laugh but it's hard not to isn't it? I was still laughing when I went in to see my mother and she said “ You bumped into Pat I see” knowing full well I would laugh. We spent a happy hour and a bit catching up on the other family news before I headed back. I decided my back was good enough to try the channel side walk. I didn't go over the top but skirted around the side about halfway up,not as high but still steep enough. From there it was a slow descent apart for the wooden steps which can jar a knee quite easily. Along the sea front and over the bridge with a slight detour to the chippy and I was home again with my back aching a little. I had my lunch sharing the fish with the cats of course before hanging clothes out I had left to wash while I was away. By the time that was done I really needed to rest my back so had half an hour on the massage chair which eased it.
I have posted a few snaps click here.