Today I had to go and pick my meds up from the chemist,not a long walk from here 20 minutes round trip is about right.
I got there without delays just the odd greeting as people passed but coming out of the chemist things changed. I met Irish Dot who was on her way in and she told me the Co-op had bacon on offer so that's where I headed. I met an old school friend Mike going in so we chatted awhile as we shopped before he headed of to get ready for a fishing trip and he was wanting to catch the tide about 12:30

Then I met Carol an old friend who was married to a work colleague of mine until he ran off with her sister. We haven't met in a while so catching up was needed. We parted after a good natter and I ran into another old school friend Chris,she grabbed my arm and asked what the bargains were locally,so I told her the ones I knew including the bacon,then the talk switched to who we had and hadn't seen for a while before I prised my arm free and headed for Mac's. I didn't get far because Ken was in his garden putting bedding plants in so of course I did my duty and stopped him working. Finally I got to Mac's for Corn flakes which he has on offer of course. I managed to get in and out without stopping to chat and headed for home and a coffee.
All went well until I approached the school and there large as life and twice as ugly was Ron and old drinking partner of long standing and he spotted me,so that was an other 20 minutes or so before I was free and I managed a quiet run in to home and arrived back over an hour and a half since I left.
So much for a quick trip to the chemist,still a couple of bacon buns washed down with coffee will soon restore me.
I have a photo for you I took of Zazzles gazing up at a bird on the high rise feeder,the bird totally ignored him of course. I like that feeder,it didn't take long to cobble together and the birds love it.

Dinner for one today as Ellen is going to eat with one of her friends so I am off to see what I can temp myself with, but before then the bacon buns I think. Catch you soon