I have a project for a rainy morning.
This old foot stool is ready for scrapping.

I never being one to throw anything useful away removed the legs for future use.

After cutting right across with a Stanley knife I discarded the innards and cover.

Then I thought of a use for the base if I fitted it with castors from an old chair,which I did.

Into what was a tidy work room which now is neither. Since Ellen came with her enormous tumble dryer(bottom left of photo )it has been impossible to work in here.
The object of my attention is the small dryer against the far wall and a fair bit of shifting around was needed to get it out.

I got it into the kitchen tipped it on it's side and found it had a flat closed in base which is perfect for my needs,I checked there were no obstructions and screwed my new trolley into it and it is steady and easy to move. I was intending to make a trolley for it anyway when Ellen left. I wheeled it into the work room and parked it at this end. There was another reason for the trolley apart from mobility,the extra height means I can feed the drain hose through the cat flap instead of having to open the door meaning I can leave the dryer on if I go out. If the dryer does want to dance when I turn it on I have two large batons from the old shed which fit the sides perfectly to stabilise it.

I stowed the steps and whirly where the dryer had been for now,they really live in the tool store but that is another no go area at the moment with wood from the shed.

So all that is left to do is try to tidy the work room a little and attack the kitchen floor with the Vax and I have a set of legs over for a future project.

Not bad for a mornings work.I think I have earned some lunch