As promised the rain arrived this morning which made yesterday's grass cutting even more worthwhile. I can't help feeling a little smug at getting one over on the weather gods when this happens although they will have their revenge no doubt.

I opened the back door as I always do when I come down,Zazzles was around, Sooty wasn't but he did leave me a gift on the doorstep,a little mouse stone dead with not a mark on it. I know it was Sooty's doing because Zazzles couldn't catch a dead one.

Sooty returned looking for the mouse which was in the bin by then so settled for cat food,I left him and Zazzles tucking in and sorted the bird feeder out.

My turn for a brew and a chew,poached eggs on toast and a coffee as I contemplated a long rainy day ahead with no projects on the go. I have plenty to read and a new crossword book to get stuck into and the cats always keep me on my toes when it's raining. I am making lamb hotpot of dinner that will be the highlight of the day.

I sat here looking out at a grey world trying to find a little colour to brighten things up but found little so a thought occurred to me,I would find a photo of a flower and try to portray colour in a grey world. I came up with one of Margaret's rose,a sight to brighten any day as was the beloved Margaret herself. After a little tinkering I decide on this simple technique and it works OK I think.
Catch up later