A dull start to the day was replaced by long sunny spells so it was time to catch up in the garden.
I started on the front cutting and strimming the grass in quick time with only one interruption which is pretty good in these parts.
After a coffee break and a smoke it was time to start on the back,cutting the part that vaguely resembles a lawn first then after a rest I started on the big job. I used to run my little mower into the part that was thriving wild flower patch until 2 years of storms and rain wrecked it as well as the other side of the garden where the fruit bushes are. So as I am sure this lead to the premature death of the mower I have decided strimming is the way to go. This was done in two stages,firstly the edges of what passes for a lawn,then onto the old wild flower patch. I was delighted to see a little colour at that here with 5 or 6 Dames Violets flowering as well as some promising looking small plants appearing. The Sweet William is ready for flowering as well. This meant a very careful trim around there.

It was hot and sticky out there so a drinks break was next,orange cordial with a good measure of ginger wine topped with a blob of vanilla ice cream. That went down a treat. Back to the grind with the strimmer and 30 minutes later I was all done and cleaning the tools,all in all a good days work and just in time as tomorrow we are in for heavy showers throughout the day.
Time to think of prepping dinner,I have some minced beef mince which I will make a tomato based sauce for and serve it with spaghetti. Catch up later