Off the theme of cats at last

While wandering through the manifold pathways of my mind random thoughts pop up this is one of them.
Hand signals; There are many meanings to the gestures we make and they need no words.
The Churchill V for victory sign in WW2.
The same sign the other way around meaning something totally different.
The clenched gloved fist of the American athletes at the Olympic games meaning black power.
The thumbs up sign meaning all is well.
The firm handshake was apparently first used to show somebody you meet that you were empty handed and not carrying a weapon.
The applause when you enjoy a good performance,the slow hand clap when you don't.
The mine of a cupped hand to your ear to signify to somebody they are wanted on the phone
A similar mime of a cup being raised to your lips to mean the tea has brewed.
In the U.S,A and other countries a clenched fist over the heart when the national anthem is played to donate patriotism.
A local one I think but it may be more widespread is the farmers flick. When I am walking down the narrow lanes and hear a tractor or Land Rover coming I stand to one side of course,as the vehicle passes the driver will raise an index finger from the wheel as a sign of thanks to which I reply with the universal thumbs up.
A couple of these made world wide news of course as in the Churchill and black power salutes,which I guess was the idea.
This is the sort of nonsense that courses through my addled brain,a brain that never rests.