Life is returning to what passes for normal around here no the saga of Sooty has ended.
He soon announced his return to the local bird population by bagging his biggest catch yet,a fully grown cock feral pigeon. This bird was bigger than him and yet he managed to get it over the garden wall evading John and myself in the process. He disappeared into the long grass and bushes over the green,we had no chance of following.

Yesterday morning before the return of Sooty I wandered over for my Sunday morning shopping trip. I wasn't in the mood to take photos but as always I had my camera with me. As I climbed up the hill onto the bridge in town I thought I would take a snap of HMS Artful moored up at the far end of the dock. As I turned to go that way I was met by the sight of some gulls on the wall,before get a zoom shot of the sub.

I am slowly catching up on here if I have missed something you posted please give me a nudge