Sooty has returned as I posted earlier. He is fit and well but was hungry. He has no signs of injury and apart from being rather scruffy he is fine. Lots of purrs and snuggling went on and when Zazzles came home they made a big fuss of each other until Sooty tired of it and swatted Zazzles as if to say “OK that's enough”After feeding up and coming for more cuddles for them both tit was off into action again for the fearless duo. They were away and over the wall and prancing around in the long grass having a rare old time.
The homecoming went like this. Allan next door called me while I was hanging washing out. There was a cat in his shed,he could only see one eye as it was hidden behind a box. I went over and called Sooty and sure enough his head poked out,he answered me but wasn't coming out. Then I spotted Sue, Allan and Alan all stood right behind me and Sue was holding their dog,so he didn't get the cat she said,silly woman. I skifted them and Sooty came to me all meows and purrs. I had him home in a flash and examined him but there was not a mark on him apart from leaves and mud. I gave him food and a drink and went out to see Allan. The shed was opened this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks. The dog was barking when Allan took what he needed from the shed and went inside so I think Sooty was taking a short cut home and the dog spotted him and chased him into the shed.
His ordeal over he soon settled in and was back to patrolling his domain.

Thanks for all your kind messages folks,big hugs to you all. That's man hugs to you of the male gender I should add.
Time for lunch now the excitement is over.